Life on Skates

As I type this, with my arm in a sling and covered in ice, with my arm recovering from surgery. I fell while roller skating outside. So random. Life, just as it is, constantly rolling.

Now, can you keep up? Watch out for bumps and curves you can’t see around. Are you prepared to fall? Because you will, a lot. You can get back up, but you won’t be the same.

Are you still standing and rolling?

Soaps and Scrubs can be friends, finally!!

Let me not start with a lie. Truth, I love a good salt, sugar, coffee scrub, etc. Basically, since I was a teen and discovered The Apricot Scrub, I’ve been hooked.

I also found myself in a bit of a bind. How do I shave when I use a scrub? Yes, I’m weird and also never cared for showering to feel like such a chore.

Well, no longer my friends. Showers are now mini spa times.

Soulful Suds is very proud to bring you a Sugar Scrub Bar. Yes, Sugar Scrub in bar form and so luxurious that you can still shave with no problems.

It is a Hemp base with Patchouli and other Theraputic Grade Essential Oils combined with an all natural Sugar Scrub.


Caution ⚠️

This incident is tragic and could have had a much worse outcome. Unfortunately, it is left to the consumer (you) to have to do your own research when it comes to bath and beauty type products.

This is why Souful Suds is so different. We use only natural products and have the ability to create specialized products for our clients needs. We can provide a list of ingredients in BOLD, no more squinting, or having to track down a list of semi ingredients.

For questions, comments, suggestions or anything please email us at We love to hear from you.

Life is so Crazy

Let me begin with, I believe in some kind of a #timewarp way that I got stuck somehow in #2020.

What month is it again? Anyway, #soap, yes πŸ‘. Soulful Suds Soap 🧼 I am very happy to report is doing really well so far, Thank Christ πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ». Really though, I am very glad to be able to help people by doing something I love.

Soulful Suds is all #natural #homemade #soap and other products to help people with things like skin issues, emotions, #autoimmune problems, etc.

Website is in progress! For now if you have questions, comments or just curious about product or specialty products or a sample please email:

All Natural Oatmeal Soap with attached Natural Bamboo Loofah

A New Thing…

For starters, please let me be clear on the correct email address:

Now, on to bigger and better things. Soap. My latest batch of soap is quite interesting. It’s an Aloe Vera Base infused with Essential Oils that have such positive effects on your skin.

It is literally a GEL bar. Yes, a gel but solid enough to maintain a gelatin bar shape. It’s just sometimes I want to use a gel soap so bad. I know, it’s even embarrassing to think but it’s true.

With the gel bar I truly get the best of both worlds and they are #allnatural and #handmade. Everything is also #ecofriendly.

SoulfulSuds is really just about trying to help people find an all natural alternative to #pricy, #toxic products.

You can still get #spaquality products without having to put #unknowntoxins in your system.

SoulfulSuds is natural from the Base all the way to every single drop of the 100% Therapeutic Grade #essentialoils.

Please email SoulfulSuds with your Name, Address and Email Address for your #free #sample.

For a Sample from Soulful Suds email us!

Thank you so much for trying this Happy Package from Soulful Suds.

Soulful Suds’ handmade soaps and products use only natural ingredients from the base to color; even the scent is a combination of flowers, plants and Essential Oils.

I thrive on using very basic ingredients that have positive effects on the Mind, Body and the Soul. Please enjoy your Happy Package!

For suggestions, questions, comments or information on our other natural products, email We really hope you enjoy your sample and look forward to hearing from you!

My Side of the Counter

I literally couldn’t have put together a better photo op if I tried.

My truth is that I have been battling #autoimmune issues for most of my life. At least to my understanding, I believe it was since birth. That’s what I was told by my mother which could easily translate into, I was Jaundiced.

I am not joking. Oh, I wish I were that funny πŸ˜•.

At any rate I’ve dealt with auto immune for as long as I can remember. It’s a very hard circle to find any kind of decent Dr. in.

You will get stuck in, what is commonly known as the “referral circle ” . Basically you end up getting referred to the same Dr. repeatedly with no answers, to be treated like it’s your own fault somehow, at that.

You literally have to educate yourself on what your doctor should be testing bc most of the time YOU HAVE TO REQUEST the blood work. Its crazy!

There is no cure but there is a better way to live and funny enough that (pitifully enough πŸ˜„) is my side of the bathroom counter, literally!

Couldn’t put that together if I tried!

Lushious Lemon πŸ‹ foaming hand soap is AMAZING πŸ‘

DIY mouth wash #repurpouse a #Ningxia bottle #wastenotwantnot

And, of course, Thieves Toothpaste 😁